Foley and Shaikh: Nobles of Economics without Nobels


  • Michael Roberts


Political Economy, Long Waves, Capitalism


In this comment piece, Michael Roberts draws upon Duncan Foley and Anwar Shaikh’s autobiographies to reflect upon the significant and wide-reaching contributions made by each.

Author Biography

Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts worked in the City of London as an economist for over 40 years. He has closely observed the machinations of global capitalism from within the dragon’s den. At the same time, he was a political activist in the labour movement for decades. Since retiring, he has written several books.  The Great Recession – a Marxist view (2009); The Long Depression (2016); Marx 200: a review of Marx’s economics (2018): and jointly with Guglielmo Carchedi as editors of World in Crisis (2018).  He has published numerous papers in various academic economic journals and articles in leftist publications.





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