About the Journal

Recent years have seen a resurgence of critical thinking in economics. In this context, the student-run New School Economic Review provides an outlet for research influenced by the multidisciplinary approach and radical tradition of the New School for Social Research. Early classical thinkers such as Smith, Ricardo, and Marx realized that the study of economics is rooted in the study of political economy—economics within a social and political context.

In keeping with this tradition, we accept submissions to our peer-reviewed journal in a variety of fields, including but not limited to political economy, economic history, and the history of economic thought, drawing from Marxian, Keynesian, post-Keynesian, feminist, Sraffian, structural, and other approaches.

It is also in keeping with this tradition that the journal is open access. As a student-run journal, we are conscious of the challenge paywalls present to young scholars. We aim to foster an environment that celebrates openness and cultivates a diverse range of methodologies and schools of thought.